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"Save me, I'm drowning so deep in the darkness! I'm waiting for your touch to stop this! There's smoke blinding us with 'goodbyes' and I..."

Usopp stared at the framed picture of himself with his now ex-girlfriend. The frame showed a lovely, happy couple embracing each other. His huge afro nearly overtaking the entire background. Your face, however was covered by the glare of the sun on the glass. Those were such great times back then. Puppy love as the crew called it. You remember how the two of you first met. That silly game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. He remembered how nervous you were and he was just as nervous, but more surprised than anything. He'd never dreamed that he'd get a pretty partner for that game. Even though, statistically he would have gotten a partner sooner or later, but he was happy that the universe had blessed him with you as a chance partner.

Even after the game was over and all the party goers had dispersed, he found you still lingering on the deck, chatting with Sanji and Luffy.
In the dark closet, Usopp never got the chance to observe you properly, but now he saw you in the light of the setting sun, and damn the glittering surface of the sea complimented your beauty, like you were born from the ocean.

That was two years ago.

"Keep hope! Cus this feeling is different and I know, I've staggered so long that It can't go! Alleviate me, I'll be time!"

Somehow, after that day the pair of you fell in love and began to date. Usopp was always that kind and attentive man. He learned your name, (y/n) and he thought he had found his soulmate. His friends adored you as well. Your family however...did not.

"He's a pirate!" (Y/N)'s father had shouted. "He'll only drag you into his own problems with the law, or worse get you killed! I won't have it!"

"But father..." (Y/N) protested.

"Don't argue! Besides, a pirate's true love will always be the sea! You'll always be second." Her father pointed out.

Usopp thought back to when his own mother was dying, how she talked about her husband and his father was always drawn to the sea, and had left him and his mother shortly after his birth. Though his mother never cursed her husband for it, Usopp knew where (y/n)'s father was coming from and that drove the wedge further between them.

"Please remember that I miss you, young and reckless! What did we do? Broken promise, gone forever! Maybe one day we'll get better!"

"Then I'll become a pirate too!" You had shouted, tears streaming down your face. Your father's face reddening to a deep shade of purple/red.

"No,(y/n)." Usopp interrupted before her father could respond. Both looked at him with shock.

"What? Why?" (y/n) asked, new tears threatening to spill out.

"Because, I love you. I don't want anything to happen to you. If you were caught in the cross fire, or even struck down in battle...I could never forgive myself." Usopp explained, his own eyes glassing over with tears as he knew this would cause the final break.

(Y/n)'s father puffed his chest out with pride. "The boy's right, dear. You are better safe, here." He locked eyes with Usopp, appreciative of
his words and found respect? Usopp took a step closer to you and held your hands in his. He brought them up to his lips and he kissed them.

"I'll never stop loving you, (y/n)." He said, before you finally broke down and cried, running away from the situation.

"Right by your side, that's where I'll be; in a heart beat if you ask me. Let's stay strangers like we're meant to. Oh, I wonder if you miss me too!"

As you ran towards your room and slammed the door, your father stood next to Usopp, before giving him a pat on the back.

"I know that wasn't easy, but you have my gratitude. If I had received news that my daughter was killed, trust me, I would have had your head on a spike in less than a fortnight."

Usopp didn't answer, but stared down at his shoes, trying to hold back the wave of tears threatening to spill over.

"Come, I'll walk you back to your ship."

Usopp followed the man out of his home and down towards the Sunny, without you. You gazed out your window and saw him leaving and knew that this was the end.

Now that so much time had passed since that day, you wondered if Usopp kept his word that he still loved you. He would be a man now, you were sure of it. You kept your eyes peeled for his name in the newspapers and soon found the crew's bounties. Seeing Usopp's face brought tears to your eyes and your heart broke back into a million pieces.

"Find me! I'm waiting where you left me! Still shattered and bruised but I'm breathing! Be brave for me, ignore their eyes! Just try!"

You gazed at your own framed picture of when the two of you were together. Cutting out his picture from the paper, you glued it to your wall.
You took out a piece of paper and began to write down a letter,

"Please remember that I miss you, not caring is so hard to do! Everything we loved together; it's not the same without you there! Feels like you were just beside me, how did time pass by so quickly? Now we're strangers, but I miss you. Oh, I wonder if you miss me too?"

You rolled up the paper and went out to search for a mail bird. You found one, and paid it to send your letter to the Strawhats, no matter where they were. The bird took flight and soared over the horizon.

"Please reach him..." You prayed.

On the Sunny, Usopp stared at the picture on his bedside, regretting now that he had left you behind. If only he had stood up to your father, had the back bone to stand by your side then. Maybe then you would be with him then.

"I miss you, (y/n)." Usopp whispered, before he heard a "Caw" at the porthole at the door. There he saw a very tired mail bird. Usopp got out of be and walked over to the bird and removed the letter from it's beak. The crew took notice of the mail and gathered around him.

Usopp opened the sealed letter and read it, tears forming as he did so. (y/n) missed him! Just like he did! Even after all these years!

Zoro patted him on the back, smirking. "Seems like you have someone waiting for you, eh, long nose?"

Usopp nodded in response. "We can't turn around can we..." He muttered, and everyone turned to Luffy. He frowned.

"Sorry Usopp, it would take us years to sail back, but once we've met our goal of finding the One Piece, we'll sail back, just like we'll sail back so Brook can be with Laboon." Luffy settled.

Usopp didn't like having to wait, but he knew that (y/n) would wait if she knew that he loved and missed her just as much as she did him.

"Alright." The sniper agreed and took out his own piece of paper and wrote down his feelings and sealed it up, handing it to the already tired bird.

Months passed since you had sent that letter and had begun to wonder if the mail bird had been shot down, lost, or intercepted. However, as the sun began to set and the surface of the sea sparkled in its reflection, you spotted the bird heading towards your window carrying the letter from Usopp.

You gulped, a million and one scenarios running through your head as you imagined what he could have replied. The bird seemed agitated with your indecisiveness so he threw the letter at you instead of waiting for you to take it. With shaky hands you open the letter.

"Wait for me?"

You laughed, tears of relief spilling over.  You quickly turned the paper over and wrote your one-word response and gave an apologetic look to the bird as he took flight for the last time.

The bird returned to the Sunny and Usopp promptly took the letter and opened it. His heart a flutter. On the opposite side of the paper he used, (y/n) responded.

STRANGERS (Usopp X Reader)
Song lyrics of "Strangers" by Scratch 21

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Texas; so many memories I hold in this state. My father and brother live here, and my elementary school and middle school are set up here. Ah, such memories. My neighbors were the best. I had the old woman that was super friendly, my old babysitter just down the street, and of course my friends on either side of the street. How I miss them so much, but I remember one male neighbor in particular, his dark skin and brown eyes...mmmmm! How he let his dark hair flow past his shoulders. *fans self* So many years have passed since then. For one reason or another I came back to Texas on a short visit. I got to visit all of my old friends. My childhood crush was still living in the same neighborhood, now an accomplished guitarist/vocalist in his band. He was a rising star in the Lone star state. He had women after him all the time! Now he was sitting in my old living room, chatting with my younger brother as they played video games. They seemed to be hitting it off well.

"Bill...?" I asked cautiously walking through the front door. I was wearing a simple T-shirt and Jeans. Bill looked up from the split screen and our gazes met, and the crush I felt during my adolescent years came roaring back. I suddenly became filled with desire. Bill put down his controller and time seemed to stop. My brother was still glued to the split screen but his chest was not moving up and down to indicate intake of oxygen. Time really had stopped for the two of us. It was now I was able to take in what Bill had matured into. His hair was still down to his shoulders and his eyes were the same color. His face had the beginnings of a beard or he had just shaved and his stubble was pushing through. He was wearing a deep navy blue cotton T-shirt and dark, faded jeans and he was barefoot. He stopped just a few feet from me and placed his hands on his hips. Wow his hands were huge! They looked like they could hold a Bastard Sword without much difficulty. No wonder his groupies were made over him.

"Hey! Haven't seen you in quite a long time..." He began. He looked me over. I felt his gaze pierce through my clothes to the skin underneath  and I blushed; trying to push out my impure thoughts. The small spark that had hit me when I walked in the door was slowly turning into a roaring fire. It took all the self control I had to not jump him right there. My inner voice began to speak up.

"He feels the same fire you do. Can't you tell? It looks like his jeans are becoming ever more too small for him."

I made the mistake of glancing down at his crotch for a brief second and there indeed was a bulge. Shit, this isn't good.

"C'mon, it's just sex. Not like there's love behind it...right?"

Was there love? I doubt it, with a hunky like him? There's no way he was single. Neither was I, I had someone out of state back home. A twinge of guilt put out my fire for a few moments. If I followed my lust then I would be betraying the man I was currently with.

"But what if Bill has feelings for you? A love Triangle sounds amazing right now. Your tranquil life could use some rocky waves!"

Fuck...I was right.

Bill moved a step closer and I could smell him now. He smelled like berries and old pages. A strange combination of scent, I know, but to me it smelled amazing. Enough so that it pushed my guilt down to my toes and allowed my inner fire to burn high, once more.

"Let him touch you." My voice spoke. If you hate his touch then there's nothing between you two. Yes...that would decide everything. If I hated his touch then it wouldn't go further than that! With new determination I grabbed his hand, which was warm and his inner palm was soft, calluses formed at the base of his fingers, showing the repeated use on his appendages when he fingers his guitar. I pulled him down the hall- time still paused- and pushed open the door to my old bedroom. My floral bedding still there. I quickly closed the door behind us and I turned to him. Bill's bulge had increased slightly now. I let my real voice speak.

"Touch me." I demanded. Bill's eyes widened slightly but returned to their normal size within a second. Clearly he was not expecting me to make the first move. He lifted his hands and groped my chest through my clothes. My fire spread from my belly to my loins now, raging out of control. Fuck, this is bad. Or is it really great? My mind refused to clear.

Not hearing any commands from my lips to stop, Bill continued to massage my breasts. A small moan escaped my lips. Shit. At that moment Bill picked me up and placed me at the edge of my bed and laid me down, letting my legs hang off the edge. His hands slithered down and under my shirt, pushing up the fabric, along with my bra to reveal my bare breasts. He sucked on my left nipple while softly teasing my right nipple, earning a slightly louder moan to escape my lips. Fuck yes! I let the lust wash over me as I entangled my fingers in his dark locks. He removed his hand from my right breast and let it slide down my sides to the edge of my jeans. He dug his fingers into the inside of the fabric and in one smooth motion pulled my pants down past my hips and let them rest on my thighs. Just low enough to wear he had full view of my panties but not to low where the jeans could fall to the floor on their own.

While still sucking on my breast, Bill rose his free hand to my crotch and began to lightly rub my heat. My back arched at the combined form of pleasure. My fire was at it's peak now and I barely heard the zip of Bill's jeans as he stood before me his member trying to poke through his own boxers. Still teasing my heat, but now he had removed his lips from my breasts, and replaced them with a masterful hand. With his spare hand he guided me onto my knees, facing away from him, my jeans still resting on my thighs, not allowing me to spread my legs much farther then the width of the fabric. I felt his member rub up against the fabric of my panties and I nearly lost control. I wanted so badly to just let him take me.

However, that one shred of humanity I had left told me to look back at the man whom was perched at my entrance. I did so and he asked me. "Do you want me?" His eyes flashed a bright purple as he smirked. At that moment, his aura changed completely from a  delicate lover to a conquerer. His eyes were no longer soft and gentle, but cold and calculated. All that fire I had felt earlier dropped into a block of ice in my stomach. I had almost let Lust control me to the point of no return and now the guilt that was pushed away became a tidal wave and absolutely drenched me.

What the hell am I doing?!

Bill asked once more, "Do you want me?"

"No."  I replied. His smirk turned into a snarl as my refusal traveled across his mind. But he did not pursue me. He merely stood back and he growled.

"You could have had all of this," he said motioning to his now naked and muscled body-wait, wasn't he clothed just a second ago? "You shall not have this chance again, my dear."

I shook my head again. "No".

"Fine" Bill huffed and vanished before my eyes, letting time resume once more; leaving me in a messy state of affairs.
A/N: This is a dream I had recently, but for some reason or another, I can't share it with my friends like I usually can. So I get to share it with all of you!
all names and locals in this short are fictional. 
I wonder if he sees me as a woman as I wish...or did he never see me like that at all? In the beginning he was attentive, loving, and mature.

Now, he acts like a child...messing with my emotions, my feelings, my head all for the sake of a laugh. Did he ever love me at all?!
Almost two years since the girl had met the demon. Both find comfort in each other company. It's like that kind of comfort level where you can be in the same room, not speaking to one another and you can each think to yourself: "Yep, this is definitely worth it." It's the kind of relationship where intellect is desired above sex. Having a partner that is mature and can hold a intelligent conversation with you is far better, in my opinion, than sex.

The girl has come to love the demon more than what any 'angel' that heaven could provide. And he, in turn loves her more than any succubus in the deepest levels of hell.
I wonder if he sees me as a woman as I wish...or did he never see me like that at all? In the beginning he was attentive, loving, and mature.

Now, he acts like a child...messing with my emotions, my feelings, my head all for the sake of a laugh. Did he ever love me at all?!


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